How to Successfully Network in the Netherlands is one of the most popular trainings I give.

Due to a major reorganization a couple of years ago, I was forced to transition between jobs. Yet, it is precisely this setback that made me realize the importance of networking, and I’ve been intensively expanding my professional circle ever since. It is safe to say that building a strong network has helped me thrive both personally and professionally.

In the training you will learn:

  • about the misconceptions surrounding networking
  • how to efficiently network (i.e. the right approach and mindset)
  • how to maintain and further develop your network

The training is meant for:

  • students or recent graduates who plan to get into the job market
  • anyone in the workforce who wants to expand their professional circle
  • those who want to network but don’t know where to start

Currently, I also provide onboarding sessions to new international students and staff and trainings to directors and supervisors on better understanding your Chinese PhDs.

Please contact me for more information and a customized offer with costs.