I’m a Coach, Trainer, Confidential Advisor and a curious lady who has a zest for learning and growth.

My name is Yingqing Gong but everyone calls me Qing (pronunciation ‘Ching’). Originally from China, I first came to the Netherlands in 2008 for my Master’s study in law. After obtaining two Master’s degrees, I returned to Groningen in 2013. First learning the Dutch language and then trying to find a job, I have gone through the common struggles most expats experience.

Having worked at various positions in the Netherlands for more than 8 years, I notice quite often the challenges our internationals encounter due to the cultural differences. Even though I speak fluent Dutch now, I find myself constantly learning new things. Therefore, I can only imagine how difficult it must be for newcomers. That is why I founded Thrive with a view to equipping internationals with the right mindset and the necessary soft skills for a better integration process, e.g. landing a new job, getting used to the Dutch working environment.

Living and working in a foreign country can be challenging, but I hope Thrive can bring you a meaningful experience to learn about yourself and to thrive!